Our Mission

We exist to lead people into a relationship with Jesus through Love, Power, and Community

Our Strategy

Make Disciples - Teach Obedience - Care for People - Train Leaders - Plant Churches

The Code

This is our core set of values at Pooler Church. The Code sets the tone and trajectory of how we get things done. If the mission is the compass, this is the map that gives us direction. 

1.      WE DON’T CLEAN FISH BEFORE WE CATCH THEM– We will confront the common misconception that people must be good enough to come to church. 

2.      WE SIT DOWN FOR SALSA. We will take risks on relationships, get unstuck from our row, join a serve team, love God’s people, and each other up upon God‘s word. Salsa encourages us to share our lives with others. 

3.      WE LIKE THE SMELL OF SHEEP – We will maximize the potential God has gifted to our church by maximizing the potential in people. We all have problems, but we all carry the solution of the Holy Spirit through belief in Jesus. 

4.      WE MILK THE COWS AND MANAGE THE BEES – As a local church headed by Jesus and guided by the vision of our leaders, we will discover and develop our spiritual gifts while making the appropriate sacrifices so that we all go to the land flowing with milk and honey. 

5.      WE WILL BE A NECESSITY TO OUR CITY NOT AN ACCESSORY– In order to dominate a city with the gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small. We will be irrationally generous, set impossible goals, and watch God move. 

6.      WE LACK NOTHING – We will not waste time or resources waiting for a flashing sign in the sky before stepping out and trusting God. We trust that God will supply the strength and resources to fulfill the vision he has given to our church. 

7.      WE BELIEVE NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH – We will always respond to the condemnation of a lying foe with the inspiration of a loving father. 

8.      WE EAT THE MEAT AND LEAVE THE BONES – We will always maintain a posture of learning. We seek to learn from everyone and incorporate a variety of influences into our methodology. 

9.      WE ALL STRIVE TO BE THE LAST DROP – We inspire the individual to be the catalyst and the last drop in what creates a big wave in our community and in our church. 

10.    WE ARE PAUL NOT SAUL – Jesus died our death so that we could live his life. We are who Christ says we are, and we will not echo the enemy of our destiny when describing ourselves.